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Pushover analysis allows tracing the sequence of yielding and failure on member and structural level as well as the progress of overall capacity curve of the structure. Hence, here an attempt is made to analyse cantilever earth retaining wall with and without pressure relief shelf by using commercially available finite element packages sap2000. Purpose of pushover analysis the purpose of the pushover analysis is to evaluate the expected performance of a structural system by estimating its strength and deformation demands in designing earthquake resistant buildings by means of a static inelastic analysis, and comparing these demands to. Revit modern house autodesk revit architecture 2019 demonstration. Drain2dx, indyas, sap, strudl, statik, etabs and sofistik. The general finite element package sap 2000 has been used for the analyses. Modeling with concentrated nonlinearity lumped plasticity is a commonly used approach in. Guidelines and tutorial for modeling haunched steelgirder bridges.

A simple example of a pushover analysis is illustrated in figure 1. Pushover analysis sap2000 itme analizi nonlinear pushover performance point duration. From a simple small 2d static frame analysis to a large complex 3d nonlinear dynamic analysis, sap2000 is the answer to all structural analysis and design needs. This tutorial provides an introduction to the assignment of joint patterns. Sap2000 tutorials training videos, manuals and model files 38 gb civil engineering community from. Nonlinear analysissap 2000 1 nonlinear static analysis using sap 2000 mitesh surana research scholar, department of earthquake engineering, iit roorkee for queries please mail to. Pushover analysis in sap2000 civil engineering downloads. The sap2000 plus program adds unlimited capacity, moving load liveload analysis capabilities, a complete range of finite elements, domain frequency analysis both steadystate and powerspectraldensity types and timehistory. I am doing pushover analysis for 12 story rc frame using sap2000 and defined hinges properties automatically from asce 41 tables after designing the frame using response spectrum and still face. Our new crystalgraphics chart and diagram slides for powerpoint is a collection of over impressively designed datadriven chart and editable diagram s guaranteed to impress any audience. Pushover analysis using etabs and sap2000 free ebook download as pdf file.

Sap2000 detailed tutorial including pushover analysis. Application of pushover analysis for the calculation of behavior factor for reinforced concrete momentresisting frames mohamed s. The control is pushed to reach the demand displacement which represents the maximum expected displacement resulting from the earthquake intensity under consideration. Seismic assessment of a rc building according to fema 356. Lateral load may represent the range of base shear induced by earthquake loading, and its configuration may be proportional to. How can be the null steps occurring in the pushover analysis be reduced so that the numb minimizing the number of null steps in sap2000 computers and structures. This displacement should be monitored in the considered direction of analysis i. Pushover analysis first steps tutorials computers and.

This is a difficult step when using pushover analysis. You should take a look at the last converged step to see the deformed shape of your wall. Unlicensed use of the program or reproduction of the documentation in any form, without prior written authorization from computers and structures, inc. Dear all, i am running a pushover analysis for some 3d rc frame structures with opensees and trying to compare the results with sap2000. Sap 2000 tutorial session notes mit opencourseware. After pushover analysis hinges formation in each stage of a building are calculated, also from figure 6. In the present paper sap 2000 v8 is used to carry out the pushover analysis to a test building. Hinge and pmm in sap 2000 v12 pushover analysis philipckwusa civilenvironmental op. Seismic design aids for nonlinear pushover analysis of. A 12span existing rc bridge was selected for the case study. When initially released in 1996, sap2000 was the first version of sap to be completely integrated within microsoft windows.

Pushover is a staticnonlinear analysis method where a structure is subjected to gravity loading and a monotonic displacementcontrolled lateral load pattern which continuously increases through elastic and inelastic behavior until an ultimate condition is reached. If youre trying to match sap results with another program. An overview of the procedure for pushover analysis is given as follows. Such as, iterative process during analysis and usage of complex equations in design step. Issa international journal of civil and structural engineering volume 5 issue 3 2015 221 0 200 400 600 800 1200 1400 1600 1800 2000. Time history, linear and nonlinear analysis, pushover analysis, base isolators, viscous dampers, power spectral density, staged construction, explosion analysis. Therefore, pushover analysis with single load pattern may not yield correct results for a bridge model. Deformation cable supported bridge analysis and pushover analysis. Nonlinear pushover analysis of flatslab building by using sap2000. Standard pushover analysis using fema 356 2000 displacement coefficient method and an improved upper bound pushover analysis method were used to analyse the building. Minimizing the number of null steps in sap2000 computers.

Structural analysis for performance based earthquake. Sap manual cartesian coordinate system applied and. Nonlinear static monotonic pushover analysis has become a common practice in performancebased bridge seismic design. The computer program sap2000 and all associated documentation are proprietary and ed products. This leads to a reduction of the multidegreeoffreedom, mdof system, to an equivalent singledegree.

Pushover analysis and seismic retrofitting using shear walls and bracing system of frame structure. The pushover analysis from basics presented by rahul leslie 42. This tutorial was initially written for sap2000, though the general procedure also applies to csibridge. The dsc model for the nonlinear analysis of inplane. On sa, the analysis results are always the elastic limit state forces moment, shear and axial forces to be designed for. Using sap2000 software package in earthquake engineering. Why is my pushover analysis sap2000 taking so many null. The pushover analysis from basics presented by rahul leslie 41. Using sap2000 for pushover analysis we will use the same frame elastic beams, just modify dead loads. In pa, in the global sense, it is the base shear vb vs roof top displacement. Non linear sttic analysis sap2000 linkedin slideshare. Fema and caltrans hinge options which you can assign without defining anything beforehand, or the fiber pmm hinge which you need to define before assigning. Nonlinear analysissap 2000 5 displacement is kept equal to 2% of the height of the building. Sap2000 getting started stiffness, and the option to combine or envelope multiple dynamic analyses in the same run.

Inelastic static analysis, or pushover analysis, has been the preferred method. Pushover analysis is commonly used to evaluate seismic performance and determine the capacity curve. Nonlinear pushover analysis of flatslab building by using. It features a powerful graphical user interface that is unmatched in terms of easeofuse and productivity. Pushover analysis sap2000 itme analizi nonlinear pushoverperformance point duration. Segment oa has time period ta, curve a representing the rs curve and saa is the lateral load demand, in its elastic range. This procedure requires the execution of a nonlinear static analysis of a. Instructional material complementing fema 451, design examples advanced analysis 155b 2 nonlinear static pushover analysis why pushover analysis. It is intended to introduce and demonstrate many of the capabilites of sap2000. Overview of the procedure for timehistory analysis. Nonlinear static analysis pushover assumes that response is governed by a single mode of vibration, and that it is constant during the analysis distribution of lateral forces applied at storey masses.

This tutorial describes a manual modeling process for walltype bents within bride objects. This is a crucial step when using pushover analysis. This document is for pushover analysis using etabs and sap2000. This article presents the steps used in performing a pushover analysis of a simple threedimensional building. In step 1, the ultimate bending moment shear force strength domains of the ma. Nonlinear static pushover analysis structural engineering forum.

In pushover load case for other parameters, to modify the steps at which. Also the book a practical guide to nonlinear static analysis of reinforced. Pushover analysis in sap2000 civil engineering community. The popularity of pushover analysis is due to its ability to identify the failure modes and the design limit states of bridge piers and to provide the progressive collapse sequence of damaged bridges when subjected to major earthquakes. Sap2000 v14 step by step based on a structure model.

Create the computational model, without pushover data, using conventional modeling techniques. Influencebased movingload analysis first steps sap2000. Figure 21 vision 2000 performance objectives taken from hamburger, 1997. Sap2000 watch and learn video tutorials cover a wide range of topics, from basic product overviews to advanced subjects such as nonlinear sequential construction. Learn about the sap2000 structural analysis and design program. Nonlinear static analysis using sap 2000 researchgate.

This hinge can be used for doublesymmetric steel and reinforcedconcrete frame sections. For the love of physics walter lewin may 16, 2011 duration. Evaluation of pushover analysis procedures for frame structures oguz, sermin m. Chart and diagram slides for powerpoint beautifully designed chart and diagram s for powerpoint with visually stunning graphics and animation effects. Ppt pushover analysis powerpoint presentation free to. It is based on the design project example shown below, the complete solution of which is provided as a handout. Introduction one of the emerging fields in seismic design of structures is the performance based design. The example illustrates both the transformation of.

The three software to be used in the pushover analyses are. Application of pushover analysis for the calculation of. Ahmet yakut april 2005, 156 pages pushover analysis involves certain approximations and simplifications that some amount of variation is always expected to exist in seismic demand prediction of pushover. Pushover analysis and seismic retrofitting using shear. The seismic design can be viewed as a two step process. The static pushover analysis is becoming a popular tool for seismic performance evaluation of existing and new.

Worldwide rights of ownership rest with computers and structures, inc. Pushover analysis first steps tutorials computers and structures. Basic overview of method details of various steps discussion of assumptions improved methods these are the basic subtopics discussed in the section on pushover analysis. Sap 2000 tutorial session notes this tutorial provides the basic steps of performing a frame analysis using sap 2000. The various aspects of pushover analysis and the accuracy of pushover analysis in predicting. Click on the left mouse button to draw the chevron brace element. Sap2000 represents the most sophisticated and userfriendly release of the sap series of computer programs. Pushover analysis using etabs and sap2000 strength of. I am using nonlinear fiber sections distributed plasticity in opensees, so, to achieve a similar modelling in sap2000, i used section designer to create the sections, set reinforcing bars and define fiber layout, and then assigned fiber hinges pmm with. Etabs 2015 tutorial 7 pushover analysis using is codes duration. Practical three dimensional nonlinear static pushover analysis.

Pushover analysis is based on the assumption that structures oscillate predominantly in the first mode or in the lower modes of vibration during a seismic event. The pushover analysis, explained in its simplicity alacero. You can do a pushover analysis on a building regardless of the main material by which it is constructed. Pushover analysis is carried out for either userdefined nonlinear hinge. Masonry infill s ha ve been considered as non structural membe rs during this entire study. How can pushover analysis be done on a masonry building in. Pushover analysis of retrofitted reinforced concrete buildings. The example application in section 8 of this manual provides users with a step by step description of the calculation of building damage and loss using the aebm. Nonlinear analysis sap 2000 3 in similar manner assign hinges to all columns by repeating steps as previously carried out for beams the only difference is that column should be assigned pm2m3. A detailed and extensive procedure which describes the modeling, analysis, and design of a 3d steelframe pipe rack system. Pushover analysis of retrofitted reinforced concrete. Where can i find a detailed example of pushover analysis.

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